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Through Forests of Every Color: Awakening With Koans

Through Forests of Every Color: Awakening with Koans takes an intimate spiritual and literary journey through the world of koans. Joan Sutherland explores the profound potential of this Classical Chinese and Japanese practice to make us permeable to the joys and the anguish of this lifeā€”and to the primordial mystery we glimpse behind the veil of the everyday.

"Joan Sutherland has always seemed to be one of the ancient Chinese sages, reborn. If we just step into the mystery, she'll guide us on moonlit paths. She shows us a gate inside the obstacle, a path where there is no path. She is a true guide to the practices for our time." ~ John Tarrant

"Joan Sutherland's koan salon was an innovation in a venerable tradition that loved and respected both the ancestors and the participants. Something enlightening was going on. I'm excited that this book will introduce many more people to her work." ~ Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones

"A clearer path or a better guide would be hard to find. Of course, you still won't be getting out of this forest alive." ~ Red Pine, author of Three Zen Sutras

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