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Little Birds on Patreon

Little Birds on Patreon

Little Birds : Miscellaneous Writing by Joan Sutherland is named after the messengers who fly along the backs of dragons as they lay down the lines of energy that make the world. As the grand work of dragons unfolds, little birds spread the gossip about it. This site is a transit point for her work in progress, journal entries, fragments, bright shards, finger exercises, field notes, excerpts from dharma talks, marginalia — what leads up to, and what gets left out of, my published writing. It’s called miscellaneous in a nod to the Miscellaneous Koans collections that koan schools develop : idiosyncratic, evolving — the stories held under the robe, next to the heart.

Here at Little Birds, new work gets posted about once every two weeks. Another recurring feature is Work in the Room, which raises the gorgeous impossibilities that are part of koan study, one of the things I miss most about teaching. If you like, keep company with this week’s impossible and see what happens.

The motto of Awakened Life, the community I retired from, is enlightenment as a conspiracy of friends. In that spirit, we invite you to become a patron and join the conversation.