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Acequias & Gates : Miscellaneous Koans and Writings on Miscellaneous Koans

by Joan Sutherland

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Exerpt from Acequias & Gates

Dear Friends :

We don't have a temple in the usual sense. Where we gather and what we'll pass on is made of our dharma, our lives, and our art. The two koan collections that are half of Acequias and Gates : The Miscellaneous Koans of the Pacific Zen School and Awakened Life Koans are at the heart of our unique contribution to the dharma, and this is the first time they're being made widely available. The other half of the book is our first attempt to publish a comprehensive introduction to koan study as we understand it.

And so to have this book is to have a piece of our temple. You become part of the distribution of that temple through a large field of time and space. This also means that Acequias and Gates is more than a book in the usual sense, which is why we tried to make it both beautiful and substantial : to reflect the radiance of the koan way, to provide a compelling piece of ritual gear, and to create something that might endure awhile in the world. This is a book meant to be used. This is a book meant to change your life.

Piper Leigh has been a miraculous partner in this project, and the gift of Ciel Bergman's images elevates things to another level altogether. The generosity of Legacy Fund donors made it all possible; I am honored by yr faith.